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Dr Réjean Thomas

Founder & CEO

Dr. Réjean Thomas has been founder and CEO of Clinique Médicale L'Actuel since 1984. The clinic is a pioneer in knowledge and treatment of STIs and HIV/AIDS, having provided care to nearly 5,000 HIV-positive patients and 1,500 people living with hepatitis. He is also the editor-in-chief of ViroChannel, a website specializing in virology and aimed at professionals. In 2011, Dr. Thomas opened a second clinic in Montreal, Clinique A, specializing in sexual health.

Dr. Thomas, a clinical practitioner at l’Actuel, a medical advisor at the Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CHUM), an associate physician of the McGill AIDS Centre and former special advisor to the Quebec government for international humanitarian action, also studied in philosophy. His exceptional journey has taken him from New Brunswick to the four corners of the world. As the founder of Doctors of the World Canada, Dr. Thomas has helped establish a humanist approach to medicine, not only in Canada, but also abroad, by taking part in humanitarian missions to countries including Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Haiti, Malawi and Vietnam.

A commitment to education, prevention, research, patients’ quality of life, combatting prejudice and social vulnerability, defending the rights of people living with HIV, along with his dual approach as a clinician and a grassroots activist, have earned Dr. Thomas international renown and credibility. He has contributed to numerous articles published in scientific journals and has given several preceptorships to teams of clinical practitioners from France, Argentina and Great Britain. Recently, in order to adapt HIV care to the new therapeutic reality and to co-morbidities, Dr. Thomas developed the concept of Total Patient Care, which has been implemented in several countries, including Germany, Spain, Romania and Russia.

A graduate of Université de Moncton, Université Laval and Université de Montreal, Dr. Thomas has received numerous distinctions for his outstanding contribution to social causes, including the Hommage et Reconnaissance des médecins de cœur et d’action, awarded by the Association des médecins de langue française du Canada and the publication l’Actualité médicale (1992); a Doctorate Honoris Causa from Université de Moncton (2001); an Hommage aux Héros from the Farha Foundation (2004); Knight of the Order of La Pléiade from the Assemblée parlementaire de la Francophonie (2004), and Knight of the Ordre national du Québec (2005).

In 2009, Dr. Thomas received the Order of Merit from graduates of Université de Moncton, as well as the Order of Canada. In May 2014, he was awarded a second honorary doctorate by Université de Montréal, and he was named a “Grand Montréalais” by the Académie des Grands Montréalais of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal. In 2015, he received the title of Officer of the Ordre national du Québec and the Order of New Brunswick for the treatment and support he provided to people living with HIV/AIDS, his efforts to end prejudice and his active participation in humanitarian work at the international level. In 2016, he was awarded the Prix Prestige, the highest honour given by the Québec Medical Association to a physician, for excellence and his contribution to the advancement of medicine and society in the humanitarian, ethical, scientific, socioeconomic and education fields. He was also made a Commander of the Ordre de Montréal.