Fee Schedule

Consultation with the nurse

  • STBBI screening: $75 + medical analyses, according to the personal history
  • Hormonal contraception: $75
  • Cytology clinic (fees and basic cytology): $168
  • HPV vaccination: $40 + cost of the vaccine
  • Hepatitis vaccine: $40 + cost of the vaccine
  • Treatment of condylomas (fees and liquid nitrogen): $70
  • Telephone consultation with the nurse (10 minutes): Minimum $35

Additional fees

  • Missed appointment $50
  • Liquid nitrogen $30
  • Rapid HIV detection test $75
  • Renewal of a prescription without a medical appointment* $25

Laboratory analyses

Most insurance companies reimburse these costs. Contact your group insurance administrator. You must pay the costs on the date the services are provided and file a claim with your insurance company for reimbursement.

*Renewal of a prescription without a medical appointment

Conditions: The client must be known at the clinic. Prescriptions can only be renewed if the client has consulted at the clinic within the past 12 months. The pharmacist must send the request to the attending physician by fax to 514-787-0066. The prescription renewal fee must be paid before the prescription will be renewed.